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Looking on the Brighter Side

Created on Monday, 13 February 2012. Posted in main/blog

... look for work especially where benefits are close to entry level starting salaries. Some industries like homebuilding will not likely return to the levels of employment they had at their peak. Thus many ...

Home for the Holidays

Created on Tuesday, 15 November 2011. Posted in main/blog

... Chicago.  The reasons for the calls are simple – adult children coming home for a holiday notice their parents are struggling either physically, cognitively or both. These changes are not easy to ...

Have you had “the talk” with your parents?

Created on Friday, 24 June 2011. Posted in main/blog

... portfolios and the collapse of home prices has left many older Americans in dire financial straits. Some have ended up with substantial credit card debt after years of trying to make ends meet. To make ...

Financial Planning for Chronic Disease: Parkinson’s Disease

Created on Friday, 25 February 2011. Posted in main/blog

... to look to them for care.  Howie was referred to us by his attorney. Howie’s finances are relatively simple. He owns his home, receives $20,000 in annual Social Security benefits and has investable ...

Senior Housing Option Advice

Created on Wednesday, 06 October 2010. Posted in main/Life After 65

The world of senior housing is expanding and changing rapidly. Not only the type of housing available but the financial terms. At the same time, technology will help you stay at home longer. We understand ...


Created on Monday, 14 February 2005. Posted in Web Links / Joomla! Specific Links

Home of Joomla! ...


Created on Monday, 14 February 2005. Posted in Web Links / Joomla! Specific Links

Home of OSM ...


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