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Financial Planning for Chronic Disease: Parkinson’s Disease

One of the issues many older adults face is learning to live with a chronic disease (in many cases, having to learn to live with more than one chronic disease). A chronic disease is a serious illness that develops over time. It may be managed but is unlikely to be cured. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic condition. Other examples include multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. By contrast, acute conditions are severe and sudden in onset. A broken bone is an acute condition (although it may be caused by a chronic condition such as osteoporosis).

Written by Life after 65.


Senior Housing

When shopping for an assisted living facility, families often focus on the initial cost of the stay. For example, the monthly cost of a semi-private room in assisted living facilities is, on average, $3,300. But the monthly cost is often based on the care level needed by the resident at time of admission. Before signing a contract, check if the facility increases the monthly fee based on the level of care needed by the resident or if it imposes additional charges as more care is required (the "a la carte" approach). Consider hiring an attorney experienced with such assisted living contracts to review the agreement and explain the provisions to you.


Written by Life After 65.