Core Capital Solutions LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. We have approximately 70 clients and provide advisory services on over $175 million.

While we began operations in 2005, Core grew out of two predecessor firms. The first of these firms was founded in 1989 as EFR Advisors, Inc. We are proud that many of our clients have remained with us since the old “EFR days”. EFR Advisors, Inc. managed individual accounts as well as retirement plans. In 2000 David Fluett formed a joint venture with a large west coast investment advisor. All of the individual clients and a few of the retirement plans were moved to the joint venture with David continuing to provide advisory services. In 2005 David formed Core Capital Solutions LLC ending the joint venture. Again, nearly all the clients stayed with David – a tribute to his ability as an investment advisor and the personal services he provides to his clients. Jim Sullivan joined the firm providing broader financial planning expertise and health care planning and financing for the growing number of clients age 65 or older.

Both David and Jim are CPAs which accounts (no pun intended) for their singular focus on keeping costs and taxes as low as possible.